Full-featured benefit plans for less than $1/hour per employee

You care for your employees. Their wellbeing matters to you and your business. There is never a better time to look into getting benefits. Start with a quote to see what is possible.

Evaluating your employee benefits plan needs

The first step for any business owner, benefits plan administrator or decision-maker is being realistic about how much you can afford to invest in an employee benefits plan and what your options are in light of those numbers.

The cost of most employee benefit plans varies based upon many factors, including:

  • Type of benefits coverage
  • Province of the business
  • Number of employees
  • Employees age
  • Employees occupation
  • Single versus family
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The types of employee benefit quotes we provide

We can build plans for your business for as low as $65/month per employee for single coverage or $140/month per employee for family coverage. It varies depending on your business cash flow, age, and employees’ profession. Here are the four plan types you can choose from to get started with a quote to help you decide.

  • Basic Health & Dental Plans
  • Enhanced Health & Dental Plans
  • Basic Health, Dental Plans with Critical Illness Insurance
  • Enhanced Health, Dental Plans with Critical Illness & Disability Insurance
  • Personal Suplemntary Plans for Self-Employed or Retirees

Providing benefits is the best way to help attract and retain talent

Employee benefit plans are the preferred choice for supplementary health insurance for many working Canadians. The simple fact is that insurance companies, through scale, can deliver highly affordable employee benefit plans to protect the well-being and health of the employees while mitigating risks for many small businesses. It is a winning partnership for both the insurers and working Canadians because it is mutually beneficial.

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Many trustworthy companies work with IDC Insurance

Serving Canadians for 19 years as an online pioneer of life insurance

We help thousands of Canadians each year get the insurance they need at the best possible rates given their unique needs and health history by working closely with insurance experts and underwriters at major insurance companies.

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Driven by our clients to deliver the best benefits coverage

IDC Insurance aims to help Canadians get the insurance they need at the best possible rates given their unique requirements and health history by working closely with licensed insurance experts and underwriters at major insurance companies.

Get To Know Our Team

IDC Insurance is an online brokerage agency. Our agents can broker all life, health, travel and group insurance products and more from all top Canadian insurance companies. We can always get you the best possible premiums based on your health and lifestyle qualifications.

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Check out the advisor voices section and follow our blog for views and opinions on life insurance and employee benefits news, trends, products, strategies, tips and advice. Our life insurance experts regularly contribute to the advisor voices section by adding new content and articles.

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Let our advisors guide you through this important decision

Life insurance in Canada is best handled with the help of an independent advisor that provides impartial guidance. Our advisors represent the whole market and not just one single provider. We are the best when it comes to helping you get the best product at the lowest rates and avoid costly mistakes.

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