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It was great working with you. Darren was great to work with! He was knowledgeable, straight forward and courteous.  (more…)

Calgary, AB

I would like to write to thank you for your excellent service and expertise. I am more than happy to provide you (more…)

Ottawa, ON

The service provided by you has been excellent. Thank-you very-much for your support. I will update you when we have (more…)

Walkerton, ON

Thank you so much! From start to finish the process was seamless. I dealt with Darren and he was very prompt in getting (more…)

Newmarket, ON

Thank you for all your help. The little blurb you provided is very accurate. The process was very easy, and your knowledge (more…)

Oakville, ON

Considering the way I was treated by Clarica Life as a client of 30 years just appalling compared to the attention Nadine (more…)

Georgetown, ON

I recently purchased life insurance from Nadine. I have been putting it off because I did not want to listen to all the sales pitch’s (more…)

Cavan Monaghan, ON

Not long ago I needed to re-evaluate my insurance needs so I began to do some research on the internet in the comfort (more…)

Winnipeg, MB

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We provide instant quotes for all life insurance products in Canada. This is an excellent place to start, but with so many options available, a conversation with one of our advisors will lead to a far better solution for you.

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Life insurance in Canada is best handled with the help of an experienced advisor who can help you get the best product at the lowest rates and avoid costly mistakes. Why risk buying something that does not do what you expect.

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15,000+ Happy Clients

Helping Canadians get the best rates on life, travel, and mortgage insurance to protect loved ones and family assets. We can sell you the cheapest insurance – but we also welcome a conversation to get you the best policy.

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We represent these and many other trusted insurers

We are impartial to which company you choose

Term Life Insurance

The process is relatively simple, and we can shop over 30 term life insurance rates at once. We are impartial about which insurance company you choose to work with. We have one goal: to find you the best-priced term life insurance policy.

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Whole Life Insurance

Get free whole life insurance quotes from multiple life insurance companies. Whole life insurance offers permanent protection, builds cash value, and tax-deferred growth. Complete our free quote form to get several quotes at once.

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Mortgage Protection

Compare multiple mortgage insurance quotes at once. We can customize a life insurance policy to cover your mortgage in minutes. A policy designed to cover your mortgage can help protect your home or real estate investments.

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Employee Group Benefits

A quality benefit plan can be an excellent perk for potential employees or plan members and positively impact retaining the employees you already have. A well-curated plan is an excellent tool to keep your business competitive.

Learn more

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance acts as a financial cushion to protect you from a sudden loss of income should you suffer a health crisis. The payout can be used to cover anything. Looking for the best critical illness quote? We can help.

Learn more

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is all about protecting your paycheque. How long could you live without your paycheque if you become disabled? Disability insurance gives you a monthly income. Let us help compare disability quotes for you.

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We are Canada’s premier online insurance agency

IDC Insurance is the leader in the direct distribution of life, living benefits, health, travel and group insurance products. We simplify online quote comparison and help Canadian families, business owners and solopreneurs find the best rates for the right coverage.

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  • More than just life insurance. How may we help you?
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