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We know the travel medical insurance market inside out. We would welcome a conversation to help you get the best medical travel insurance policy based on your health and travel plans. Why take a chance with a travel agency salesperson or vacation booking website when you can consult with a travel insurance advisor with no added costs. In fact, it may even cost less as you can take advantage of our years of experience in the travel insurance business. We can help you with:

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Have your family vacation worry-free with insurance

When travelling outside your home province, unforeseen emergencies can happen. Travel medical insurance is there to offer you and your family the peace of mind to know you will be looked after. Probably everyone has crossed the border or travelled outside of their province occasionally without short-term travel insurance. However, if you got into an accident or became ill outside of your home province, your provincial health care may not cover all your medical bills. Every province has different costs for hospital care and medical coverage. It is provincially managed not federally, so you need this coverage if you are travelling within Canada between provinces. Without travel insurance, you may end up paying thousands of dollars in medical expenses out of pocket.

Fortunately, travel coverage is a bargain. A $1,000,000 policy for a healthy individual only costs a few dollars a day. Aside from helping you with the medical bills, travel medical insurance can also help you with the cost of medical evacuation, which can be very costly as well. Tourists who enjoy extreme sports might also consider getting high-risk activities covered in the contract. These activities are not automatically added to the contract.

We are dedicated to finding you the best travel policy for your needs. Whether you are a frequent flyer looking for an annual travel policy, an excited traveller going on your first vacation in years, or are looking for affordable snowbird travel insurance – we have the right plan for you. We check the rates with several insurance companies, taking into account your requirements, saving you time and money while providing you with the best rates possible.

Best travel insurance buying tips for Canadians

Start your trip on the right foot by confirming that your travel medical insurance is sufficient. First, is it a comprehensive insurance plan covering emergency travel back home?

Quick money-saving tip – Review your group insurance or employee benefits plan to see if it includes travel medical insurance. How much coverage? How long of a trip? Are there any exclusions? Some may include coverage of up to $5,000,000. However, like most other supplementary health plans, travel insurance is an optional add-on. Check your supplementary health plan to see if you need to purchase additional travel insurance.

  • Is there an emergency 24/7 phone number?
  • Do you pay upfront, or does the carrier make the appropriate arrangements?
  • What is the insurance company’s policy on preexisting and stable conditions?
  • What is the deductible? Having a higher deductible will lower your rates. Some companies offer a choice of deductibles, and some companies have an option of eliminating the deductible.
  • What are the policy’s coverage limits?
  • Does the provider company arrange and pay for the return of your vehicle and pet?
  • Does the policy allow for a companion to stay with you if you are hospitalized or unable to return home immediately?
  • Purchase your policy several days before your leave if “technical difficulties” prevent the policy from being issued smoothly.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice. If there is a claim, the insurance company will want to know whether you followed your doctor’s advice.
  • If your travel dates change, tell your broker so they can update the policy.
  • Purchase your policy before your birth date.
  • While travelling, keep your policy number and your insurance carrier’s claim phone number close to you in a safe place-like, like a wallet-so that it is available should you need it.
  • Should a claim happen, contact your insurance company immediately. Do not delay.
  • Let an experienced, professional broker help you shop around and ask your broker questions before purchasing your policy.
  • Most policies do not cover preexisting illnesses or conditions, only emergencies.
  • While vacationing, keep your insurer’s telephone number and policy number available at all times.

The right travel medical insurance just makes sense

Provincial Medicare plans and other travel policies like credit cards and employee benefit plans may not adequately provide the coverage to handle travel emergencies. These plans make you pay upfront and then submit claims or take far too long to approve your recommended treatment when the emergency occurs. The following are real-life scenarios¹ provided by one of our travel insurance partners to help illustrate the importance of having the right travel insurance coverage, not just any, or worst yet, the cheapest policy that isn’t right for you.

A 50-year older woman on a cruise ship in the Caribbean had a medical emergency and collapsed. The shipboard doctor recommended that she be taken to a hospital at the next port of call. It cost $50,000 for the hospital, emergency air ambulance home, and emergency air transportation for her family. Would your emergency accident and sickness travel insurance cover these costs? The travel insurance company paid her medical costs, and in addition, they were reimbursed $10,000 for the lost portion of the prepaid cruise. However, there is more; the policy also covered a translator to work with the hospital’s physician and the family doctor to develop the best treatment plan. It also provided an air ambulance to bring her home, provided transportation for the family, and even ensured a hospital bed was waiting for her return. Finally, their travel insurance company arranged to pay all the medical bills directly to the suppliers and therefore, their out-of-pocket costs were minimal.

This scenario applies to all-inclusive or prepaid vacation packages, including popular destinations such as Mexico, Europe, Disneyland, and cruise vacations. A family purchased a $12,000 tour package that included return flights to Orlando, hotel accommodation and theme resort day passes to Disney. The father was involved in a car accident two days before the trip and was hospitalized. The vacation package offered no refund as it happened within two days of departure. The trip cancellation option refunded the entire amount, including the day passes.

Newlyweds in Montreal purchased an Alaskan Cruise, including airfare to Vancouver, but bad weather caused their flight to be delayed, and they missed their departure. They made one call, and their trip interruption insurance made arrangements for the interim hotel, the catching up with the cruise. The couple’s return flights are also covered by the policy including the value of any lost days on the cruise.

When we vacation, we use funny belts to keep documents safe and together. Unfortunately, “things” can happen. A senior travelling in Spain lost her passport and travel tickets. One call to her travel insurance company looked after getting everything replaced. Can you imagine what it would be like in a foreign country not speaking the language to get new tickets and documents? Besides being extremely stressful, it would also be costly. A helpful tip is before you leave for vacation, take a photocopy of both sides of your credit cards and other ID, and tuck away in your luggage or room safe. If your wallet is lost or stolen, you have the phone numbers from the cards to call for a replacement and the card numbers.

¹Although the above scenarios offer some tips on how particular policies helped travelers, please confirm the wording of your policy and ensure that you understand your coverage and exclusions.

We Do Travel Medical Insurance Shopping For You

We are dedicated to finding you the best travel medical policy for your needs. Whether you are a frequent flyer looking for an annual travel policy, or an excited traveler going on your first vacation in years, or are looking for affordable snowbird travel insurance – we have the right plan for you.

We check and compare the rates with several insurance companies, taking into account your requirements, saving you time and money while providing you with the best rates possible.

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