Supplementary Health Insurance

Looking to supplement your provincial healthcare?

Are you concerned about how you will pay for your family’s unexpected health and dental costs? Government Medicare does not cover many dental and vision care procedures, prescription drugs or extended health care costs. Individuals and families purchase supplementary or private health plans to cover the cost of paying a considerable unexpected expense or even the routine dental and vision care costs. Many find that it is easier to budget a monthly premium than plan for the annual dental and vision check-up costs and unexpected prescription or other medical costs. If you have a claim for covered medical or dental needs, it is paid for by the insurance company with a small deductible in most cases.

Supplementary health insurance plans are not designed to cover your recurring costs but protect you against the higher unforeseen costs that can come up in the future. Since most of us do not know if or when we will need coverage for an unexpected problem, many individuals purchase supplementary health plans to move the risk of paying a considerable unexpected expense to the insurance company.

If you have self-employed business income, we can show you how you can pay your premiums and deduct them from your business income. It can result in significant savings depending on your source of income and the number of expenses.

Why choose supplementary health insurance?

  • The current primary medical insurance might not be enough

  • If you’re looking to cover special illnesses or serious accidents

  • The payouts are directly deposited into your pocket

  • Use the payout to cover medical bills or pay other bills

  • Plan premiums are predictable are cost-effective

Features and benefits included by most plan providers

  •  The coverage begins on the first day of the hospital stay

  •  Reimbursements will be paid directly back to the policyholder

  •  Hospital stays for the same conditions are payable for up to one year

  • Dental
    • Basic Care
    • Preventative Care
  • Vision
    • Eyeglasses/Contacts
    • Exams
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Equipment
  • Health Professionals
    • Specialists
    • Therapists
  • Travel Insurance
  • Private Hospital Rooms
  • Ambulance Service

Private health and dental insurance plans for seniors

Are you retiring or recently retired? Guaranteed issue health and dental insurance plans for those leaving an existing employee benefits plan can make lots of sense. Although more expensive than other insurance plans as it considers the guarantees of covering “preexisting and certain” costs, it guarantees that you can continue to claim for existing medical conditions. You must apply within 30 or 60 days (company dependent) from leaving your employee benefits to plan to qualify.

One of the plans we offer covers all the medications you took under your old employee benefits plan versus other plans that may not cover preexisting conditions when you enroll. Our advisors can quote you on everyday health and dental insurance plans as they are generally less expensive if you have no existing medical conditions. These medical, dental, and health insurance plans allow Canadians to continue enjoying medical health and dental benefits even after employment benefits have ended. There’s no need to worry about interruption of coverage for you or your loved ones when you have Supplementary Health Insurance.

We’ll help you shop for the best rates.

Please complete the Health Insurance Quotes form to receive a free, no-obligation quote. Our accredited health insurance agents will use the information provided to perform a comparative analysis of the marketplace. This process is crucial because it allows us better to understand your needs, budget, and considerations. Our advisor will provide a full report of competing quotes for Supplementary Health Insurance from several insurance companies and will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. We will continue to assist you in evaluating some of our recommended solutions. When you decide to put the coverage in place, you can count on our agents to be there further to assist you with ongoing support at claim time.

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