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Why the hard-to-insure go without life insurance

  • Assume they will not be able to qualify for any coverage, so they don’t even bother inquiring

  • Do not purchase a life insurance policy because they feel it will be too expensive or unaffordable

  • Feel they are unable to buy life insurance as they have been previously declined by an insurance company

  • Purchase “No Questions Asked” policies without exploring other options that may help them save premium dollars

  • “Just do not get around to it” is the most prevalent. Not dealing with it at all is the more significant issue

Life insurance is more affordable than you think!

We help thousands of hard-to-insure Canadians get proper life insurance coverage each year. Often, we start the process by offering quotes from competing companies and by working around our clients’ budgets.

Some people who are hard to insure or have other insurable illnesses went long living without knowing they could get life insurance. We have also learned from speaking to clients that have purchased unnecessary and expensive policies when they could qualify for a lower-cost policy by working with our experienced advisors. The key is to know your options and decide on your terms when you are ready to proceed – don’t be fooled by the hard-sell tactics.

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How we help Canadians buy good life insurance

Every life insurance company has their unique underwriting guidelines. We know them all inside and out. Please don’t try to go at it on your own, or worst, with the ill advice or guidance of an inexperienced advisor. You can always lean on us to do all the work and guide you. Here are some great insightful tips.

Using our experience helping people that are hard to insure looking to purchase life insurance, we take the time to ask you several questions. These questions cover different aspects such as your health, lifestyle and any pre-existing conditions that you may have and any other illnesses and create a detailed understanding of your health.

We generally know the likely decision for a given situation, but sometimes we need to request an anonymous preliminary inquiry including this information which we forward to a number of Canadian insurance companies for their preliminary life insurance opinion. We use a reference code rather than your name for privacy reasons, which also keeps this inquiry anonymous.

When we receive the life insurance quotes back, usually within five business days, we will discuss them with you to determine the best strategy. If the quotes include a modest rating, the policy is rated with a higher premium and sometimes none. We will then complete the application with you at a convenient time.

On the other hand, if the insurance companies say that the ratings could be high or possibly a decline, we have several other companies that ask only a limited number of questions. We can often get you some life coverage, although it does cost more. We do this first because if we apply for a traditional life policy and get declined, these companies will no longer offer this life insurance – we believe in getting something in place first.

To help you get coverage immediately in place, we may get you started applying for life insurance with no medical exam. It typically costs more once the policy is issued. If the same policy were medically underwritten, it would cost less. We work with you to plan things out. We may suggest applying for the traditional underwritten life insurance. If we obtain a better offer and accept it, we can always cancel the first no-medical life policy, given it was more expensive.

Take the first step, speak to us, we can help

What is the first step? We need to talk, so please complete the life insurance quotes form, and one of our advisors specialized in no medical exam, or guaranteed issue life insurance will provide you with accurate quotes. It is usually the same day, if not the next business day. There is no obligation or cost for this service. We are paid by whichever company works best for you when purchasing the life policy.

We also have advisors specializing in travel, health and dental coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions. If you are planning to travel or are looking for a supplementary medical dental plan for your family, select it from the quote form to get started.

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