Trusted Places to Get Life Insurance Quote Online

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Below are questions you can ask yourself while searching for a reliable agency to get life insurance quotes online from.

How can you decide what website to use for online life insurance quotes?

These web sites come and go at an amazing rate and there are now thousands of them to choose from. Here are some tips on what to look for when you are determining which site to use.

How long have they been in business?

Given that these sites come and go, choose one for your life insurance online quote that has been around for at least five years. They will have a track record that you can check out. A good choice is Insurance Direct Canada who pioneered the online sale of life insurance and have been doing it since 2003.

What is their track record?

You can go to the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints. Again, Insurance Direct Canada has over 6000 policies written for over $2 Billion dollars in life insurance with not one complaint with the Better Business Bureau. A key factor is that they have now successfully processed 20 claims.

Do they represent major insurance companies?

A number of insurance companies are very selective in the brokerages that they allow to quote life insurance online or as they call it non-face to face. The problem is that brokers will sell their products without disclosing it is non-face to face and sign the application as if had actually seen you. If there is an issue at time of claim, this could pose a problem. Insurance Direct Canada has agreements with all their carrier companies to process the applications using their non-face to face process. In fact, there are at least two major insurance companies who only let Insurance Direct Canada sell their products non-face to face.

Do they sell their leads (your contact information) to brokers?

These web sites are in the business of generating life insurance quotes online that they sell for a profit. They are interested in finding brokers who will pay for the leads – your contact information. They are not interested in you once they have sold your request information. Insurance Direct Canada has 12 brokers with over 168 years of experience, who attend weekly training meetings and are responsible to the president of the company. Many of whom have been with Insurance Direct Canada for over five years and they will be here for the long term if you have a claim or question.

Are they a company with administrative people or a single person?

Most people who purchase leads and many with web sites are individuals who may or may not be there for you in the future. Insurance Direct Canada has written about 7000 policies from life insurance quotes online and has an office with someone who is responsible for client services. You can either contact the office for help if you change your contact information or your broker who sold you the policy.

The best place to get life insurance quotes online is Insurance Direct Canada who has created a quoting website at Canada Life Insurance. They have contracts with all the companies that will consider doing business non-face to face, a track record of almost 10 years with no complaints at the better business bureau and an experienced group of brokers to help you.

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