How to Get Quick Life Insurance Quotes?

Business woman running to get quick life insurance

Are you in a rush to get some quick life insurance?

If you are healthy and can answer “no” to the normal life insurance questions we can place it at a very competitive price within 48 hours and frequently within minutes and you can use a credit card to pay for it. Does this sound too good to be true?

We are one of a very few online brokers who are approved by an insurance company that has one of the highest ratings and has a quick life insurance application process depending on your age and the amount of life insurance you are seeking. People under the age of 44 looking for up to $500,000 of life insurance would qualify for this – another option follows if this does not apply to you. I have completed the life insurance application many times and had the policy back before my client was off the line – literally a couple of minutes. These were people who were normal healthy Canadians who were able to answer no to all the questions. They were not taking medications nor had dangerous lifestyles and the vast majority of our clients are like this.

If there are some medications involved but they are controlled and the medications are not for really serious issues, then it can take up to 48 hours as an underwriter will call you to discuss these issues the following day. The policy is issued within 48 hours which still qualifies as quick life insurance and it is emailed to me unless they discover something they consider to be of concern which could result in the need to have a nurse visit and do a test like taking a blood sample, – the usual stuff that happens when you apply for life insurance. We do not recommend this company if you have significant medical issues but that is something we can determine as we have a conversation with you about your insurance needs.

When I say we have the policy, we do have the policy in the form of a PDF which we then forward to you by email. To complete the quick life insurance application process, you will need to print and sign a few pages and return them within 30 days.

There are two other options if you want quick life insurance but would not qualify for the above process. One does not have any questions and is issued instantly but would only cover a mortgage or possibly a line of credit with a financial institution. There are some differences with this company’s coverage and we would want to discuss how that might work for you before using them. A third option is more expensive but again it just requires questions to be answered and it gets issued quickly.

There are other companies with what they consider to be quick life insurance application processes but our experience has not been good with them and we try to avoid them whenever possible. It pays to use a company like Canada Life Insurance where we have sold over 5000 policies online and are familiar with all the options and are contracted with all the companies that do business this way including two major companies that only work with us online.

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