Insurance Calculator Can Save Money on Life Insurance

Save Money and Coins on Life Insurance

How Life Insurance Calculator Can Help You Find Out Coverage Needs

Use our life insurance calculator to see the coverage you truly need. Invest in a policy and/or private medical health plan that covers all of your needs. Leverage economies of scale to obtain more coverage for lower (often much lower!) premiums.
4 Quick Steps, to see how much money you could save:

  1. Add up all the coverage that you own including term life coverage, mortgage protection, group coverage, and business coverage, including policies on personal and business loans.
  2. Add up what you pay for all your life products and arrive at either a monthly or annual total.
  3. Run a quote, and you will get back an instant quote from all the major providers. Compare this low-cost quote to what you are paying for all your term life, mortgage protection, business life, and group life insurance combined.
  4. If your savings are significant (over 50% should have significant savings and many are over 30%), contact us for a hassle-free consultation we will call you to confirm if you will qualify for these savings and arrange a time for you to complete an application.
    Important Information for Canadian Seniors

If you are reasonably healthy why not get your own cheap term life insurance quote based on your health rather than a guaranteed permanent quote that assumes you are not healthy.

For example, a typical $15,000 guaranteed permanent life quote would be $255 per month for a 70-year-old male if it is a guaranteed issue policy. On the other hand, a standard life quote for $25,000 (75% or more would qualify) would be only $99 per month for a healthy person.

By the way, if you are taking medication to control blood pressure or cholesterol levels and it is working you will likely qualify for standard issue. How many men or women around age 70 are not taking something?

Let a professional life insurance agent like me go to work for you to get a cheap life insurance quote based on your personal health situation. We have access to dozens of life insurance companies who would like to provide an online insurance quote for you.

Check us out before you apply for the guaranteed life quotes offered on the TV or newspapers. Using a broker to leverage against all companies is the better way.

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