What’s the Best Place to Compare Life Insurance Quotes?

Woman thinking where to buy life insurance

The internet has helped thousands of people purchase life insurance when there is a good chance that without that they would still not have insurance. People are busy and they just want to compare life insurance quotes, have a few conversations to feel comfortable with an agent and then purchase it from a company that will be around for a while.

What site do I use to compare life insurance quotes? What do I get a quote for and is there a difference between companies? What kind of policies would be best for me and my family? Why not just figure out what I want and go online and purchase it from whomever as all life insurance is essentially the same isn’t it? The answer is that we have taken years to learn about life insurance, what policies and companies work best depending the purpose of the insurance and your age, health, sex, smoking status, travel, occupation, family history, lifestyle, etc. We can also help you determine how much insurance you need.

At Insurance Direct Canada and our website lifeinsurancequote.com we have over 5000 clients who have purchased over 7000 policies from us over the past 10 years and it is interesting that the average number of conversations is over 5 as we help them work through what is best for them. They all started by comparing life insurance quotes on our site. I love what Tammie and Blaine had to say recently in an email they sent about Torrie Fonda, one of our insurance advisors:

“The reason we chose to use Torrie Fonda as our agent for purchasing life insurance was because of her knowledge, patience and persistence. We truly felt that she valued our business. We had sent requests for information to a few different agents, including local ones in our area and Torrie was the only one to respond in a timely manner. While some respondents only provided partial answers to our questions, we found that Torrie was always very thorough. Since we have very busy schedules, we found the process of using the internet quick, efficient and extremely convenient. Torrie provided us with several different options and quotes based upon her review of what we needed. Once we made our decision, Torrie did the application with us over the phone at our convenience. We would highly recommend her services to anyone needing to purchase insurance.”

This is typical of the kind of responses we get from our clients who have chosen our site to compare life insurance quotes. Our agents are just that, knowledgeable, patient and persistent. With all those policies written from almost every company in Canada we know which ones are going to provide the best service and options. Some companies offer bundled products with some only being offered by us and limited number of advisors. This product starts as a term insurance and overtime becomes a permanent policy equal to 25% of the original term insurance and once issued all future premiums are guaranteed with no `more medicals. It answers the question we frequently get that my term insurance is coming to an end and I have diabetes or had bypass surgery what can I do? No one likes the answer.

When I started there were less than a dozen sites comparing life insurance quotes on the internet, now there are over a thousand in Canada. Go with the company that has seen it all and is knowledgeable, patient and persistent. Call us at 1-866-238-9271 or visit us at life insurance Canada to compare life insurance quotes and ask for additional information or complete this form and one of our brokers will call.

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